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The relaxing period between the emotional experience of your church ceremony and the party atmosphere of your evening function, the drinks reception is nonetheless a hugely important part of any successful wedding day. It enables your guests to mingle before the meal and party, catch up with old friends and make new ones and sets the tone for the rest of the event. As such you want to leave nothing to chance, including the music.

As the country’s leading experts in this area, we are on hand to provide you with invaluable advice and assistance when it comes to making your decision. Here are some of the ideas we can offer:

Special themes – set the tone for the evening with one of our superb themes. We can provide musicians in a jazz, swing, salsa, traditional, classical and Celtic style amongst others.

Subtle and elegant music – this part of the evening require a more relaxed and laid back approach to music, providing the background to proceedings rather than being the focus.

Unusual musicians – from opera singing waiters to Celtic drummers, give your guests a taste of something completely different.

Package deals – tie your drinks reception music in with other entertainment during the day to make sure that you get real value for money.

This is only just part of what we can provide. Working with the most talented and professional musicians in Ireland, our service is acknowledged as second to none in the country. Contact Suzy, Elaine and Fiona for full details on 00353 1 2013660.

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